• Professional I.T

    Learn the skill you require to get your dream job or to excel in your professional career

  • Al Nafi Online
    O/A Levels Academy

    Now your children can prepare for O & A Levels exams at home.

  • Math Block
    What Do You Get

    A complete set of Math's Blocks which will be used from KGII Till Grade VIII

  • Learning Management

    Ready to use platform without investing a single rupee.Your teacher can deliver classes anytime from anywhere in the world

  • Data Science in
    R Programming

    R programming is the 'golden child' of data science.This course is a stepping stone for you to learn data science through R programming.

  • Al Nafi
    Cyber Defense Track

    This course has 4 stages. Students will build a foundation in Linux and Python & prepare for cybersecurity's

  • Al Nafi
    CODS Track

    AlNafi recognised the dire need of cyber security experts in the world and formulated CODS (Cyber Defence, Offensive Security, Digital Forensics & SCADA).

  • Al Nafi
    ICS / SCADA Track

    Gain hands-on experience with popular cyber industry tools like Wireshark, Nmap, Metasploit and countless others. There are 5 stages in CODS.

  • Al Nafi Offensive
    Pentesting Track

    Do you want to save thousands of companies from hacker attacks and earn thousands of dollars along the way? Then we welcome you here at AlNafi as this course is going to take you from the basics of hacking,

  • Arabic
    for Urdu Speakers

    We specialise in Arabic Speaking and present you a golden opportunity in which you can learn to speak proper Arabic and will be able to translate Urdu to Arabic easily.

  • Al-Nafi brings you
    a great opportunity

    Al-Nafi brings you a great opportunity to excel at IELTS and be the hero of your own future. So enroll now and study IELTS with us.

  • Nour El Bayan
    (Quran Reading Course)

    Noor El Bayan is a course where you & your kids can learn how to read Quran Correctly and with the right Makharij and Tajweed rules.