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Target Audience

Breaking into computer networks, bypassing firewalls to see what’s happening on the other side sounds fun. However, doing it all ethically is what we teach here at AlNafi.
Do you want to save thousands of companies from hacker attacks and earn thousands of dollars along the way?
Then we welcome you here at AlNafi as this course is going to take you from the basics of hacking, offensive pentesting, and threat intelligence to an elite level.
For those who already have a background in security, this course will take their skills to a much higher level. Become an offensive cybersecurity expert today!

$20.00 per year

Resident Pakistani

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PKR 2500per year

Resident Pakistani

  • using Bank Transfer/Easypaisa
$104.00 per year

Overseas Pakistanis

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$104.00 per year

Other Nationalities

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$104.00 per year

Arabic Language

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  • About This Course

    This is a deep dive into the world of offensive penetration testing. In this course, you'll develop a deep understanding of Python, Linux and a solid grip on pentesting tools like Wireshark, Nmap, etc. We'll teach you basic to the most advanced methods of finding vulnerabilities through pentesting techniques like information gathering, create exploits and be able to escalate privileges.

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    Course Delivery Mode

    The training will be delivered online via our portal, which is designed to cater 50 Million Nafi members. The portal has all the key features like:

    • Watching and tracking videos
    • Progress monitoring,
    • Attempting quizzes,
    • Submitting assignments,
    • Asking questions from the teachers and mentors
  • What you will learn

    • Set up your environment for performing penetration testing with Kali Linux
    • Enumerate/scan systems with Netdiscover, Nmap, Dirb, Nikto, etc.
    • Use and modify public exploits
    • Recognize legit public exploits from fake exploits
    • Use several techniques to gain access to a system from both remote and local side
    • Use several techniques to escalate privileges
    • Exploitation of SQL Injection,XSS,LFI & RFI,Command Injection etc.
    • Perform remote exploitation of systems
    • And much more.

    Earning Potentials

    Cyber Security jobs requiring ISO 27001 qualifications are now starting at $70,000 and rising up to $120,000. (IT Governance USA)

  • What skills you will gain

    • Establish critical procedures, strategies and processes that can be quickly put into effect
    • Be assured that you are willing to secure the organisation and fulfil the needs of stakeholders
    • Promote consistent professional progress through the organisation
    • Establish the foundation for your own method of information security management (ISMS)
    • To improve your ISMS system and build expertise and information security support through your organisation, acquire knowledge

Muhammad Faisal

Founder & CEO

He worked in UK, USA & Canada in the Federal and Private space within Cyber Security, Offensive Security, Internet of things (IoT)
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