What Do You Get When Buying

Math Blocks

A complete set of Math's Blocks which will be used from KG2 Till Grade 8 of Maths Studies with Al Nafi.

Access to our online portal where you can find videos, lecture notes, questions, and answers for practice. This will provide you everything you need to learn and make your kids a Math expert. You can contact us via info@annaafi.org for more information. Access to the portal is given for one year. Afterward, the cost of annual membership is Rs 2,500 annually.


Al-Nafi Math Block is a 125+ piece block set that you need to master all the Math levels from KG 2 till Grade 8. Those who want to learn Math for either school or to go towards Machine Learning, Deep Learning and AI, as building a solid foundation in Math is the key to success in whatever domain one pursues.

Terms and Conditions

  • Math Blocks price for Pakistani citizens residing in Pakistan is Rs 4,000
  • Math Blocks price for the resident of all other countries other than Pakistan is US$100.
  • You are a resident of a country where you spend at least 9 months in a calendar year.
  • Buying Math Blocks allow a given person access to math videos of Grade Kg2 till Grade 8th for a period of one year. Afterward, access to Kg2 till class 8th content thereafter is given by acquiring an annual membership as applicable.
  • If someone needs to access math questions, answers and access to all the other courses like python, Linux then they are required to buy the membership
  •  Grade 9th till Grade 12th Videos can only been seen via Nafi membership, and they would not be available via Nafi Blocks purchase. As blocks are recommended but not necessary to be acquire


  • Payment method: Easypaisa, Mobicash, Bank Transfer Price: Rs 4,000 Ship to: Anywhere in Pakistan
  • Payment method: Debit/Credit Card Price: $30 USD Ship to: Anywhere in Pakistan
  • Payment method: Debit/Credit Card Price: $100 USD Ship to: Anywhere in the world

Note: We recommend that you keep children of minor age away from these blocks or allow them to use the blocks under your supervision as these are small pieces and there is a risk to their health.

Delivery Time:  The delivery time is 5-10 working days, but it can fluctuate due to the couriers schedule.