• What is Al Nafi

    The world’s first multi-lingual training platform, our mission is to teach 500 million Muslims all over the world in the fields of Emerging Technologies like Cyber Security, Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, BlockChain etc.

    AL Nafi LMS Overview

    Due to current Pandemic situation, education cannot be continued with traditional means. The world is though transforming and students are able to continue their learning journey with the help of online tools and platforms. Pakistan is far behind, thus students and institutions are lagging due to the unviability of such Learning Portal.

  • Al Nafi LMS is a state of the art Learning Management System enabling Students and institution to keep their Learning journey steadfast even excel so that we can abreast with the rest of the world.

    Platform Features:

    • One click system
    • Data Security and Integrity
    • Tailor made course allocation
    • Drip schedule content
    • Private and hidden courses
    • Pre-requisite lessons
    • Students’ Email management
    • Single sign on
    • Advanced reporting analysis

    • Uploading videos of upto 2Gigs
    • Quiz generation
    • Live classes (Integration with all major providers like zoom, webex etc)
    • Recorded Lectures (with multiple options)
    • Survey after completion of the course
    • Pdf uploads
    • Presentations
    • Assignments
    • Advanced Brilium Features for assessment
    • Exams
    • Verified Certificate issuance
    • And much more
  • What you will get

    • Ready to use platform without investing a single rupee.
    • Dedicated personal account manager
    • Your teacher can deliver classes anytime from anywhere in the world
    • Remote Training to all teachers
    • 24/7 support from dedicated support team
    • Straight forward payment plan
  • Al Nafi LMS as a Global Platform

    • Tried & tested, emerging as a global platform
    • Our global enrollment is 240,000+
    • By 2021 we are aiming to reach 50 million students through our platform.
    • Local Pakistanis pay Rs 2,500 annually and overseas Pakistanis and other nationals pay $104 USD annually.
    • Courses are being dubbed in Arabic English, Spanish, French, Gujarati, Bangla and Pashtu, while Turkish, Swahili, Indonesia, Malay, Mandarin and Japanese languages are in our plans.
    • In Talks with various OIC countries to offer our platform as part of emerging technologies.
  • Hamza Jamal Haider
    Manager Special Projects


    +92 308 514 4419

    Khalid Ahmed
    Manager Growth & Devlopment


    +92 317 472 7066

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