Alnafi Calligraphy Course

The visual art of writing is known as Calligraphy. Calligraphy on one hand, is an art and a source of recreation while on the other hand it holds great professional significance. It inculcates the amazing attributes such as creativity, optimism, patience, discipline and self-assessment. It enhances cognitive abilities and establishes stable psychological well-being.

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Calligraphy Languages :
English | Urdu | Arabic
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Okasha Sahil


I was born to the family of well-known Calligraphers, who have been into the field of calligraphy since 300 years.
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Course Description

Age Group
12 years and above
Calligraphy Languages
English |Urdu | Arabic
Medium of Instruction
Materials Needed (for students)
Calligraphy Pen (Qalam), ink and paper. Students can use the cut-nib markers instead of calligraphy pen and ink as well.

Online class and submission of practice
Students’ Learning Assessment
The instructor will check students’ assignments and rectify their mistakes on regular basis.
Learning Outcome
A Display of students’ work at the end of the academic session.

What you will learn

    1. Learning Methodology (Step wise)
    2. Scaling and Measurements of Alphabet
    3. Writing Tools/Supplies
    4. Hand and Pen Dynamics
    1. Practice Exercises
    2. Pro Tips
    3. Learning Resources

What skills you will gain

Upon successful completion of the course;

    1. You will be awarded a course completion certificate;
    2. You will possess hands on experience in the field of Calligraphy which will enable you to outshine as professional calligraphers;
    1. You will possess professional calligraphy skills leading to the organization of your art work displays for personal as well as professional recognition;
    2. You will gain enhanced artistic aesthetics and a grip on calligraphy writing in order to opt for calligraphy as a profession; making it a source of earning,
    1. Your handwriting will be polished which will boost your writing ability to compete at various practical platforms.

Earning Potential

This course will make you able to work in the fields of
    • Teaching
    • Painting
    • Interior Designing
    • Creating decorative art pieces
    • Web development
    • Graphic designing

    • Event and wedding invitations
    • Announcements
    • Religious Art
    • Original hand lettering logo designs
    • Cut-stone Inscriptions
    • Memorial Documents

PKR 3000 per year

Resident Pakistani

  • using Debit/Credit Card/
    Easy Paisa
PKR 3,000per year

Resident Pakistani

  • using Bank Transfer/PayPro

$25.00 per year

Overseas Pakistanis

  • using Debit/Credit Card

$25.00 per year

Other Nationalities

  • using Debit/Credit Card

$25.00 per year

Western Union

  • only for overseas

Calligraphy Material

  • 1 / 4
    Practice Book
    2 / 3
    Practice Book
    3 / 4
    Ink Pot
    4 / 5
    Fancy Qalam Set
    5 / 5
    Brushes Set

      • Qalam
      • Fancy Qalam
      • Practice Books
      • Ink Pot
      • Brushes Set