1What is Al Nafi?

  • AL Nafi was started as a CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) project, initially in the domain of education in emerging technologies. Now we are transforming the horizon by providing diversified services.
  • See details about our mission, vision and objectives here: About Us
2 Who founded Al Nafi?

  • Al Nafi was founded by five British and Canadian Pakistani nationals, namely;
    1. Mr. Muhammad Faisal
    2. Mr. Ishraque Ansari
    3. Mr. Amir Majeed
    4. Mr. Muhammad Ali
    5. Mr. Rehan ul Haq
  • Details about Al Nafi founders can be found here: https://portal.alnafi.com/#about
3What courses do you offer?

We offer courses in following domains

  • Emerging Technologies
    1. Cyber Security
    2. Block-Chain
    3. SysOps
    4. Data Science
    5. IT Assurance Frame (ITAF)
  • O & A Levels Academy
    1. Physics
    2. Chemistry
    3. Mathematics
    4. Biology
    5. Computer Science
    6. English
    7. Urdu
    8. Islamiyat
    9. Business Studies
    10. Economics
    11. Accounting
    12. Arabic
  • Mathematics for Primary & Secondary Level
  • Quranic Tajwid & Memorization Courses
  • Arabic Reading, Writing & Speaking Course
  • IELTS preparatory classes
  • Freelancing and Digital Marketing courses
  • Other Courses such as Calligraphy
4Where can I find the list of all courses?

All courses can be found in the following link:Products

5 Why do you offer these courses?

According to WEF (World Economic Forum; www.weforum.org), the whole scenario for future job is transforming at a rapid rate. If our new generation wants to get a chunk from these jobs and opportunities, they must equip themselves in these emerging technologies courses, which we are offering.

6Why don’t you offer other courses, like web development etc?

  • Although, importance of web development and graphic designing and other such courses cannot be denied, these courses can only provide a limited opportunity and even more limited financial benefits in comparison to other emerging technologies courses. So it is advisable and better for students to learn those courses which have better prospects in future. However, we will try to create web development courses in near future.
  • To know more about world economic forum report, click here: https://www.weforum.org/reports
7 Why students should study these courses?

  • Jobs are being created in these courses/skills
  • There are better prospects to choose from variety of industries
  • Students can earn more in future after getting knowledge in these fields
8What is the duration of these courses?

  • All courses have different duration, and the completion is highly dependent on an individual students’ personal speed, capacity, dedication and persistency.
  • Normally students can learn each track within 8-9 months of consistent studies. For details on how and what to study please watch our YouTube channel: Click Here
9Who can study these courses?

  • Anyone from any walk of life, from any age (5 – 65 years) can learn these courses. Yes, for different age groups we recommend different courses. For detailed guidance on who should study what, please watch our career guidance sessions: Click here
  • For any personalized guidance, please call our support at: +92 304 1110400
10How we can pay for these courses?

All details about Payment process, mode/channels of payment can be found in the following link: Click Here

11What are the fees of these courses ?

Fees are different for different courses. For individual tracks and courses please see the following link: Products

12Why there’s different fees for different courses

  • The fee of certain course depends on various factors, such as Trainer Fee, cost and efforts required to create the course, portal operational cost.
  • The courses taught by our CIO/CISO/CEO, have very subsidized fee, but we cannot force other trainers to teach for subsidized fee or FREE.
13Why there’s different fees for resident and overseas Pakistanis?

  • The fees are lowered substantially for resident Pakistanis (because the income of Pakistanis is substantially low compared to residents of Europe, US, Canada, ME etc.).
  • Other objective is to elevate the economic and educational scenario of Pakistani so that no one is left behind due to low income or not being able to pay the fee.
  • Overseas Pakistanis and other nationalities can afford the fees (even the overseas fees are also very low compared to what other institutes are charging).
  • If anyone cannot pay, from within Pakistan or outside Pakistan, please call / write to us. We will try to find a way to help the students in sha Allah SWT.
14 How do you teach these courses?

  • All our lectures are provided via recorded videos, students learn everything on our portal.
  • We also provide revision notes, quizzes, assignments and Live sessions as well.
15Do you offer any discounts?

No, as our fee are already too low. However, if you cannot pay full, please call / write to us, we will discuss and try to help.

16Do you offer refunds on fees?

No, as we offer FREE demo classes. Students can learn 7 Days absolutely FREE without any commitment. Please use these seven days free access to our courses before paying.

17Do you offer courses for house wives, mothers and women?

  • We do not discriminate students based on their gender, age, nationality or religion and we strongly believe that our girls and women are equally capable to learn anything.
  • We do recommend few courses based out of nature and ease of work. For further details please contact our support team at +92 304 1110400
18Do you offer courses for younger generation?

Yes, there are lots of courses specially designed for younger students, for further details contact our support team at +92 304 1110400

19Do you offer courses for kids?

  • Yes, we offer Mathematics courses for kids for KG – Grade 8. You can find details at following link: Math Blocks
  • Or you can contact our support team at +92 304 1110400
20Do you offer Islamic courses?

Yes, please see following link for further details: Islamic Academy

21What if, we face any difficulty in paying fee for these courses?

Please write your difficulty to : info@alnafi.com OR you can contact our support team at +92 304 1110400

22Do students/members get any help during their studies?

Yes, there are following ways to get the help during your studies:

  1. In discussion section, right in the portal of respective lecture
  2. In the community section created on portal for respective course.
  3. Through our social media channels (Facebook, twitter, Linkedin)
  4. By calling our support team at +92 304 1110400
  5. By email at info@alnafi.com
23Do you offer FREE courses?

We provide FREE access (selected courses) to following categories:

  • Huffaz / Ulema /Mufti Saheb who cannot afford to pay our fee (they need to submit a Certificate).
  • School teachers earning less than PKR 20,000/- per month (they need to submit a proof of income certificate and employment letter for being a teacher)
  • Widows / single mothers (they need to submit a proof / declaration)
  • All those eligible for Zakat (they need to submit a proof /declaration)
24 Do you offer completion certificate?


25Do you offer job after successful completion of these courses?

No, but we guide and train our students to secure a job but do not guarantee a job.

26Do you offer scholarship for studying abroad?

No, we have discontinued it.

27How should students study these courses?

For complete career guidance please watch videos our YouTube channel: Click here

28I am not very good at Mathematics, how can I study these emerging technologies?

You can learn mathematics for emerging pathways, details about his course can be found here: Click here

29What kind of jobs, we can secure after completing these courses?

Job opportunities differ course to course, all relevant job / careers are metioned in the respective course page, please see our courses for all job related details Products

30We need to understand more deeply about each course, how can we do that??

You can see the FAQ’s related to respective course at the course page.

31I don’t have any previous knowledge about emerging technologies, can I start these courses?

Yes. These courses are designed so that anyone (with mathematical and language skills of a grade 8) can start.