Al Nafi Academy Trainers

CEO & Founder

Muhammad Faisal

Muhammad Faisal, Founder, and CEO of AL Nafi has worked in UK, USA & Canada in the Federal and Private space within Cyber Security, Offensive Security, Internet of things (IoT), Blockchain, Augmented Computing, Artificial Intelligence, and Quantum Resistant Encryption. Over the past 18+ years, he has worked as CISO, CSO, and CIO of major organizations. An Alumni of Stanford, MIT, London Metropolitan University and Royal Holloway University.

Trainer / Partner

Dr Saima Zeeshan

Dr Saima Zeeshan was awarded the doctoral degree in 2012 in Urdu upon completion of her project for PhD, "Movement of Islamic Literature in Urdu Language", from the University of Karachi. After completing this project and recognition as a PhD, she has written and published her several articles on different aspects of Urdu literature and socio-cultural topics relating to South Asia in classical and present era.

Senior Instructor

S Wajahat Ali

Wajahat educational background hails from University of Karachi, Iqra University and Loughborough University where he is currently pursuing his MSc in IT. He is also studying at Harvard University, UC San Diego, and MIT where he is pursuing a professional certificate in Data Science, MicroMasters in Data Science and MicroMasters in Stats and Data Science, all sponsored by Al Nafi.

Trainer / Partner

Zeeshan Akhtar

Muhammad Zeeshan Akhtar has great interest in teaching and in research related to Urdu, Islam and Science. He achieved First Class First Position in MA Urdu form the University of Karachi. He began his teaching career by getting into teaching at the University of Gujrat. He now has a vast teaching experience at both national and international levels.

Instructor - Maths

Syed Sharjeel Hussain

Mr Sharjeel has a wealth of practical experience in the oil industry from Data Engineer to Wellsite Geologist both in Pakistan and Scotland in the UK. He has worked in the mainstream sixth form college in London, UK in a multicultural environment over four years. This precious experience enables to deliver the quality teaching in mathematics and sciences as well as glancing into the fertile minds of the pupils.


Mansoor Ur Rehman

Mansoor is an experienced, motivated and resourceful commerce teacher with more than 12 years of teaching experience in various educational environment in Pakistan. He is an alumni of London Metropolitan University, University of New Castle (UK) and University of Karachi. He has worked in several managerial position in companies like DeloiteTouche (Pakistan centre), Cambridge, Metro Cash & Carry and Wilkinsons (UK). He is also an oracle certified professional.

Instructor - Biology

Momna Saleem

Dedicated Biological Researcher with Master Degree in Biomedical Science from National University of Science & Technology (NUST) Islamabad, in which she extensively studied upon Cancerous Cells and their treatment via Targeted Therapies and her major courses centered on Cancer Cytogenetic, Molecular Neuroscience, Human Physiology, Anatomy, Biomechanics and Nano& Micro Drug Delivery Systems.


Kulsoom Yousuf

Studied at a Madrissa in Karachi from 1987 for seven years and during these years studied Arabic language Grammer, AhadeethNabwe, Tafseer, Fiqh, Balagha, Adab, Usoolul Hadeeth, UsoolulFiqah etc. Studied further (Takhasus) in Fiqh for three years with Mufti TaqeeUsmanisb and studied UsoolUlIftah and ImdadUlFatawa and other books for studies and wrote Fatawa to 50 questions with Hazrat Shaikh Alhamdolillah. Studied Arabic, Fiqh, Hadeeth e.g. Qadoori, Mishkaat Al Masabeeh and Qatratun Nida etc. for 23 years at Karachi Madrissa During these years also participated with our Teachers in writing the book LisanUl Quran three volumes In an Arab state.


Ibrahim Farooqi

Ibrahim Farooqui is working as a Language Instructor teaching multiple proficiency examination preparation classes such as IELTS, PTE, OET, and CAE. There are very few CELTA certified people around the globe and Ibrahim is one of them. Ibrahim is currently pursuing his Bachelor's of Arts degree in Islamic Studies from International Open University.

Instructor - CS & IT

Afzaal Hussain

Afzal Hussain is a highly motivated and enthusiastic Academician and accomplished Software Engineer with respectable knowledge in Database Systems, Information System Audit, Project Management, Software Engineering, Information Technology (IT) Management, and Information Technology (IT) Governance. He received his Masters in Software Engineering degree from Faculty of Computer Science & Information Technology (FSKTM) University of Malaya Malaysia in 2009, and Masters in Computer Science from University of Karachi Pakistan in 1999. He has more than twelve years’ experience in Tertiary education in national and international universities / institutes and four years IT industry experience.


Rizwan Ullah Afridi

Rizwan Allah Amin Afridi has a great interest in teaching and in research related to Arabic, Quran & Ahadith. He is graduated from Dar Al Uloom Karachi and completed certificate of shada-ul-Alimia. He is a student of Sheikh Al-Mufti Taqi Al-Othmani, and he got a certificate of iftah. Currently, he is studying at Islamic International University in Islamabd where he is pursuing MS in Arabic Literature.

Al Nafi Academy Registration For Local Pakistanis

Al-Nafi presents online preparation courses for O/A Level students with a mission to educate and train 1 Billion Global Citizens.

Al Nafi Academy Registration For Overseas Pakistanis

Al-Nafi presents online preparation courses for O/A Level students with a mission to educate and train 1 Billion Global Citizens.

Al Nafi Online Academy Schedule


O Level
S. No. Subject Name Subject Code Teacher Name Release Date
1 Accounting 7707 Mansoor Ur Rehman TBD
2 Arabic 3180 Kulsoom Yousuf Running
3 Biology 5090 Momna Saleem Running
4 Business Studies 7115 Mansoor Ur Rehman Running
5 Chemistry 5070 Muhammad Zeeshan Akhtar Running
6 Accelerated Chemistry
Muhammad Zeeshan Akhtar Running
7 Computer Science 2210 Afzal Hussain Running
8 Economics 2281 Mansoor Ur Rehman Running
9 English Language 1123 Ibrahim Farooqui Running
10 Islamic Studies 2068 Muhammad Zeeshan Akhtar Running
11 Islamiyat 2058 Muhammad Zeeshan Akhtar Running
12 Mathematics Additional 4037 Syed Sharjeel Hussain TBD
13 Mathematics D 4024 Syed Sharjeel Hussain Running
14 Physics 5054 Syed Wajahat Ali Running
15 Urdu - First Language 3247 Dr Saima Zeeshan Running
16 Urdu - Second Language 3248 Dr Saima Zeeshan Running


AS & A Levels
S. No. Subject Name Subject Code Teacher Name Release Date
1 Accounting 9706 Mansoor Ur Rehman TBD
2 Arabic 9680 Kulsoom Yousuf Sep-20
3 Arabic Language (AS Level only) 8679 Kulsoom Yousuf Sep-20
4 Biology 9700 Momna Saleem Running
5 Business 9609 Mansoor Ur Rehman TBD
6 Chemistry 9701 Muhammad Zeeshan Akhtar Running

Accelerated Chemistry
Muhammad Zeeshan Akhtar Running
7 Computer Science 9608 Afzal Hussain Sep-20
8 Computer Science  (From 2021) 9618 Afzal Hussain Sep-20
9 Economics 9708 Mansoor Ur Rehman TBD
10 English Language 9093 Ibrahim Farooqui Running
11 English Language and Literature (AS Level Only) 8695 Ibrahim Farooqui Running
12 English Literature 9695 Ibrahim Farooqui Running
13 English General Paper (AS Level Only) 8021 Ibrahim Farooqui Running
14 Information Technology 9626 Afzal Hussain Sep-20
16 Islamic Studies 9488 Muhammad Zeeshan Akhtar Sep-20
17 Islamic Studies (AS Level Only) 8053 Muhammad Zeeshan Akhtar TBD
18 Mathematics  9709 Syed Sharjeel Hussain Running
19 Mathematics Further 9231 Syed Sharjeel Hussain TBD
20 Physics 9702 Syed Wajahat Ali Running
21 Urdu - Language (AS Level Only) 8686 Dr Saima Zeeshan 1-Oct-20
22 Urdu - Pakistan Only (A Level Only) 9686 Dr Saima Zeeshan 1-Oct-20
23 Urdu (A Level Only) 9676 Dr Saima Zeeshan 1-Oct-20