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Career Advancement Track
in Emerging Technologies

If you spend 2-3 hours a day studying as directed, within 6-9 months time you will be ready for jobs

Women advancement track
in Emerging technologies

Al Nafi brings a new course of This is a highly specialized package which includes world class training within multiple domains.

(System Operations)

SysOps track is intended for systems administrators to get expertise in deploying, operating, and managing fault-tolerant systems on cloud platform.

IT Assurance Framework
(ITAF) Course

Al Nafi brings a new course of “ IT Assurance Framework (ITAF) Course ” ITAF is a Professional Practices/Practical Framework for IS Audit & Assurance Professionals.
Having studied this course, you will know 95% of the real-life practices of Information Systems Auditors -- includes many Corporate real-life examples.

About Us

Company Overview

Muhammad Faisal, Rehan Ul Haque, Amir Majeed, Ishraque Ansari, and Muhammad Ali a group of British and Canadian Pakistanis started Al Nafi as a project that culminated from their experience and desire to create an entity where access to best in class education, well-being facilities, renewable energy, and healthcare are free for all. We started this business as a startup and have inspirations to take this internationally in the future.
Access to education, renewable energy, and healthcare are the basic universal rights of all human beings, regardless of their religion or creed, and Al Nafi wants this basic right to be free for all.

Al Nafi initially is a training institute where we are providing training to the students in world-class emerging subjects as well as O&A Levels and GCSE/IGCSE subjects.

Al Nafi is an organization with a vision to bring world class education within the reach of everyone. We also provide career counselling and guidance to our young generation to help them select innovative and revolutionary career paths for tomorrow’s world. We want to catalyse an incubation hub where research and start-up culture can be fostered for the Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, Blockchain, Cyber Security, and other cutting edge technologies. We want to enable local talent by providing access to all the tools they need to be successful.

  • What We Do

    After three years of planning and development of its content, Al Nafi is now acting as a training provider and preparing the next generation to secure the jobs of future in emerging technologies. We research, create and perfect our teaching content, and deliver it to our members via our online learning management system.

  • Al Nafi Vision

    Our Vision is to make access to education, renewable energy and health care free for all in the world specially in OIC countries.

  • Al Nafi Targets and Goals

    Al Nafi’s founders hail from the West and individually have more than 20+ years of experience in their respective fields. Al Nafi’s target is to train population of world's youth specially 124 million local Pakistanis, 10 million overseas Pakistanis and 500 Million Citizens of OIC countries within emerging subjects in Cyber Security, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Cloud Computing, Digital Forensics, IT Audit, IT Governance, Autonomous Driving, Space Exploration, Blockchain, Data Science and many others.

Our Products

Muhammad Faisal

Founder & CEO

Muhammad Faisal, Founder, and CEO of AL Nafi has worked in UK, USA & Canada in the Federal and Private space within Cyber Security, Offensive Security.

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Dr.Asad Zaman

HOD (Al Nafi Economics and Social Sciences)

Dr. Asad Zaman is currently serving as an external advisor on the Monetary Policy Committee of the State Bank
of Pakistan.

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Dr. Zeeshan Ul Hassan Usmani

Founder & Trainer

Dr. Usmani is a Fulbright Scholar and Eisenhower Fellow. He holds a Ph.D. and MS in Computer Science from the Florida Institute of Technology.

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Tariq Mahmood

Trainer / CEO Al Nafi Consulting

Tariq Mahmood achieved his MBA from the Institute of Business Administration (IBA) Karachi. IBA was established as a business school in 1955 by Pakistan with the technical support from the Wharton School.

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Dr. Junaid Qadir


is a Professor at the Information Technology University (ITU) of Punjab in Lahore, Pakistan. He is the director of the IHSAN Lab and also serves as the Chairperson of the Electrical Engineering Department.

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Farhan Khan


is a technologist, architect, researcher, innovator, writer, and social entrepreneur. He has over 15 years of experience working in the global IT industry. He started his journey as a hard-core software engineer and learned.

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Dr Awais


I am Dr Awais and I hail from Islamabad. I have a PhD in electrical engineering and my primary area of research is in control systems, optimization, robotics and Artificial Intelligence.

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Kazim Shaikh


He is a passionate and dedicated Information Technology professional who has started his career as Solaris/Unix Admin since 2009. He has spent more than eleven years providing pragmatic Information Technology & holds.

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Dr. Shahid Qureshi


Dr. Shahid Qureshi is the Program Director in the Centre for Entrepreneurial Development (CED), IBA Karachi. Dr. Qureshi has a Ph.D. in Entrepreneurship from the Technical University - Berlin.

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Dr. Saima Zeeshan


was awarded the doctoral degree in 2012 in Urdu upon completion of her project for PhD, "Movement of Islamic Literature in Urdu Language"from the University of Karachi.

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Sana Rasheed


Sana Rasheed hails from Pakistan and is currently working at Accenture in Eastern Europe as Lead Data Scientist. She is also pursuing her Ph.D.

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Ishraque Ansari

Founder / COO

Founder and Chief Operating Officer, Ishraque hails from the UK where he created successful start-ups in the field of Operations Management, Research & Development.

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Syed Wajahat Ali


Wajahat educational background hails from University of Karachi, Iqra University and Loughborough University where he is currently pursuing his MSc in IT.

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Kulsoom Yousuf


Studied at a Madrissa in Karachi from 1987 for seven years, studied Arabic language Grammer, Ahadeeth Nabwe, Tafseer, Fiqh, Balagha, Adab, Usool ul Hadeeth, Usool ul Fiqah etc.

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Mr. Mansoor Ur Rehman


Mansoor is an experienced, motivated and resourceful commerce teacher with more than 12 years of teaching experience in various educational environment in Pakistan.

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Afzaal Hussain


Afzal Hussain is a highly motivated and enthusiastic Academician and accomplished Software Engineer with respectable knowledge in Database Systems.

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Okasha Sahil


The visual art of writing is known as Calligraphy. Calligraphy on one hand, is an art and a source of recreation while on the other hand it holds great professional significance.

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Syed Sharjeel Husain


has a wealth of practical experience in the oil industry from Data Engineer to Wellsite Geologist both in Pakistan and Scotland in the UK.

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Muhammad Zeeshan Akhtar


has great interest in teaching and in research related to Urdu, Islam and Science. He achieved First Class First Position in MA Urdu form the University of Karachi.

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Momna Saleem


Dedicated Biological Researcher with Master Degree in Biomedical Science from National University of Science.

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Ibrahim Farooqui


is working as a Language Instructor teaching multiple proficiency examination preparation classes such as IELTS, PTE, OET, and CAE.

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Our Success Stories

  • Syed Arsalan

    I am a student of Network Security, pursuing my career goals in the same field. I have been very lucky to be associated with Al Nafi Academy. This online learning community has played a very significant role in building my very own success story. It's very affordable plus it effectively summarizes the information, making it easy-to-understand for you. This platform also has the best practicing material available online

  • Muhammad Umair Aslam

    After hearing about Al Nafi from word of mouth, I planned on exploring it. So, I enrolled in it as a student. My interaction with Mr. Faisal turned out to be very interesting. He told me about this online learning community and how it tends to achieve its goal with respect to promoting the information technology sector in the country. They want to bring Pakistan to the forefront of the global technological revolution

  • Syed Israr Ul Haq

    The field of data science has always motivated me so I planned to continue my professional studies in it. I have no words to commend the efforts of Al Nafi Academy and the excellent guidance of Brother Faisal that turned out to be highly resourceful for me. Without their support, my educational success would not have been possible. I am now working as an inspiring Data Scientist in New Zealand and feel extremely proud in sharing my achievements

Upcoming Live Session

Saturday 25 September
3:00pm to 4:00pm

LIVE Session
Full-time vs Freelancing within Emerging technologies.
A discussion between Muhammad Faisal CIO of Ghanimah and Shahmeer Amir CHO of Ghanimah. Sharing their thoughts and pathway to success.

Recently Concluded Live Sessions

11th Sep
2:30pm to 4:30pm

Open House about Career Counselling and Ghanimah Labs
with Muhammad Faisal
to ask any questions related tracks

08th Sep
3:00pm to 4:00pm

Live Session on Emerging IT Technologies of today and Tomorrow
to ask any questions related tracks

7 August
2:00pm to 4:00pm

Study O & A-Levels with Al Nafi
to ask any questions related tracks

Contact Us

Address: Canada: 64 Fullerton Crecent, L35 3G5 Markham, ON, Canada.
Pakistan: A-163, Block 13-C, Gulshan-e-Iqbal, Karachi.
Contact :0304-1110400